Should You Go Back to your Ex? 5 Thoughts to Ponder

If your relationship ended, but now your ex wants you back and you’re entertaining the idea, there’s probably a lot going through your mind. You wanted to know how to get your ex back so badly, but now that the chance is in front of your face, things do not seem so clear. There are a few important factors to consider when deciding if you want to give it another shot and try again. Five of the most important of those factors are listed below. Be sure to use this information to help you decide if it is worth picking up the phone and rekindling that old flame once again.

1- Why Did the Relationship End?

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Was it due to cheating? Lies and deception? You simply didn’t see eye to eye? Unless there was some form of communication that indicated need for change, and the efforts put forth to get that, things will likely be the same if you get back with your ex.

2- What Happened Since the Relationship Ended?

For some people, the thought of their ex-partner being with another person is too much for their hearts to bear. They cannot imagine the thought and it makes it hard to rekindle the love. What has happened and how do you feel about it all?

3- Does your Heart Flutter?

You know, that tingly feeling that you get when your significant other comes around? If that feeling is still there and you melt at the thought of this person, maybe the relationship is worth saving and giving a second chance.

4- How Much Time Has Passed?

Sometimes, time passing is a good thing. It gives each person the time to heal, to think, and to miss you! Consider the length of time that has passed and if you are in a better place than you were during the prior relationship engagement.

5- Problems are Small

Sometimes we take the people we love the most for granted. And sometimes doing so results in problems that we do not recognize. If the issues in your relationship were minor and can be fixed, it is always worth giving love a chance if that is something that your heart still desires.

Make sure to think long and hard before jumping back into a relationship with your ex. Use the information above to guide you in the right direction so you can make the best decision.