Interesting Mobile Gaming Facts Important for Everyone to Know

Mobile gaming is a multibillion dollar industry and there’s no chance that its popularity is sinking any time soon. People of all ages enjoy playing games on their mobile device, and with the versatile selection of games on instagram followers on this site, there is little wonder why millions of people are playing games as we speak. There are many more mobile gaming facts that you should know. Find some of the most important of those statistics below.

A Billionaire

By the end of 2016, mobile gaming had revenue of more than $40.6 billion! That’s a lot of money being spent on games and playing them. Furthermore, these amounts are greater than the anticipated $30 billion.

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Game Sales

In 2016, 37% of all game sales were those acquired on a mobile device. Although it isn’t quite half, the number is staggering and proof that mobile gaming isn’t going anywhere any time soon. There’s little wonder why mobile gaming is so beloved. The games are cheaper, it is convenient to play wherever you go, you can meet new people, and more.

Game Selection

There are more than 100,000 games available to play at any given time. If that isn’t a wide selection, what is? There are more than games, however. Downloads like Feature Points are beneficial since they help you discover new apps and test them out and earn rewards for your help. Lots of people have many games and apps on their device, and you can too, as long as your storage space is sufficient.

Everyone Plays Games

Within one week of purchasing a new smartphone, 62% of users have downloaded at least one game to their device. That’s 1.75 billion games being played by gamers from locations around the world.

Gender Neutral

So often people associate gamers with the male species, but mobile gaming statistics prove otherwise. The stats reveal that just as many women play games as men, although the selected titles might be a little bit different.

Feature Points and many games are ready to be added to your mobile device. If you’re looking for a good time, there isn’t an easier way to find that great time, all from your mobile device. Why wait any longer?