8 Myths About Termites Laguna Beach

Termites are a nightmare to any homeowner. The tiny winged insects eat wood on and near your home, damaging it severely in the process. However, there are many myths out there about termites that you should know to ensure these pests do not damage your home. Without further ado, take a look at these 8 common myths about Termites Laguna Beach and the truth behind the information.

Termites Laguna Beach

1.    Termites Can Eat Through Concrete: There is no question that termites are strong and powerful despite their small size. However, it is only a myth that the pests can eat through concrete.

2.    My Neighbors Termites are a Danger to My Home: It is easy to understand why a homeowner would suspect this, but fortunately, there is no truth behind this information. Once termites build a colony, they won’t break that barrier to come to your lawn.

3.    My Home Has Been Treated for Termites in the Past, Now There is No Danger: This is a dangerous myth to believe. It is recommended that homeowners have annual inspections to make sure that termites are not invading their home.

4.    DIY Termite Treatment Works Just as Good: There is a reason professional exist. If you suspect or know that you have a problem with termites, do not attempt the DIY route and go all wrong. It is imperative to call a professional to provide the proper termites treatment that you home needs.

5.    Termite Treatment is Expensive: It is much cheaper to prevent termites than to treat them, and the damage the pests leave behind can certainly hurt the wallet. However, the actual process of treating termites itself is inexpensive if you compare your options.

6.    Termite Detection is Easy: Termites can burrow deep within the wood structure of your home and cause damage. Some people think that termites are visible directly underneath the wood; this is not always the case. Experts ensure that termite detection is thoroughly made.

7.    Termites Serve No Purpose: Although termites may be a great nuisance when they’re in your home, they actually have great advantages for the ecosystem and can help break down decaying and rotting trees and wood.

8.    It is Okay to Delay Termite Treatment: Immediate termite treatment is imperative when you suspect these pests invade your home. The longer that you wait to call the experts, the worse the problem becomes.